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Reliability, Functionality, Safety

The important thing to remember about boat systems is that they are just that:  Systems.  It is rare that the installation of a single piece of hardware is possible without having effects on others, or on the boat structure.  Electricians, Electronic Techs, Carpenters, and Fiberglass Techs might all be needed when it is time to upgrade instrumentation, for example.

Today's electronics get more capable all the time.  They have the ability to make you life afloat more enjoyable, and safer. In the marine electronic business the upgrade cycle has gotten very short.  Products are obsolete in just a few years and manufacturer support can be tough to find once they declare the product "obsolete.".  For this reason, we always recommend installing the most recently released versions of products to give you as long a service life as possible. 

We can help you select, install, learn to use the important features of your boat's electronic systems.  We'd be happy to talk to you about our philosophy.

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