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Image by Sharon McCutcheon


Expert Guidance

I am not a boat broker, and I am not a surveyor.  Those people are an important part of the buying process, I fit in somewhere else.

My first rule of boats is that anyone who tells you what kind of boat you should buy without spending at least an hour asking you questions is actually telling you what kind of boat THEY want to buy! I'll help you find the right boat for YOU by spending time getting to know you.

All kinds of thing affect the boat you should have, and most people shopping for boats do not have the depth of experience to know all the options and considerations.  Frequently advice comes from people with a significant emotional or financial investment in specific kinds of boats.

Sailboat, trawler, Monohull, catamaran, motorsailor, ocean crossing, coastal cruising.  The possibilities are endless even within these kinds of broad catagories.  Your budget, interests, goals, family, even your physical size all can have a big impact on what boat is right for you. Let me help you find the right kind of boat you should have, and do the preliminary inspections. Then we can turn the brokers and surveyors loose to do what they do best.

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