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Cruising Support

Not every problem requires a “hands-on” solution.  Sometimes you need simple advice, sometimes you need another more experienced pair of eyeballs looking at a problem or decision. By text, phone, or video conference I can help so you can get back to enjoying your boat. If you are interested, contact me by email, and we can discuss details.

Our Services


Subscription Service

For one annual payment of $450 you have first priority access to me as often as you require.  As one of my subscription clients, I encourage you to contact me as often as you  feel the need.  You will have access to me by all the normal internet methods as well as through my sat phone when I am at sea or otherwise remote.  In addition, you will receive a 10% discount on my current labor rate for any in-person projects or delivery services.


The subscription service is invoiced annually, and you will not be automatically charged..


Ad hoc Service

If you feel your need doesn't justify a full subscription, I can still help you with one problem at a time for a flat rate of $100 per issue.  The fee is triggered by my final solution or recommendation, not just asking the question.  If I feel  your question is outside of my area of expertise, I'll tell you up front, and there is no charge.

What's Included & How it Works

I will share my knowledge and experience with any aspect of sailboat cruising.  Mechanical, electrical, rigging, sail performance, system upgrades, weather routing, provisioning, etc...

Getting in touch with me is usually pretty easy.  Normal channels of voice, text, email, and video conferencing all work.  If we happen to be offshore, or unusually remote, all of my subscribers will have my satphone contact information where text, voice and email all work well anywhere in the world.

I can not realistically promise that I will be able to deliver 24/7 access.  There is after all just one of me.  But I can promise that your issue will be my priority and receive my full attention. I will continue to work with you until the problem is resolved, or the issue is clear.


I have been involved with large sailboats for over thirty years.  I managed the service department of a large and diverse charter fleet, and sailed my own boats many thousands of miles.  I am familiar with many different kinds of boats, and the way they work, and the ways they sometimes do NOT work!
As an experienced instructor for advanced sailing, on both monohulls and catamarans, I help you make your cruising boat perform, and keep you and your crew safe. As an experienced engineer I have the ability to understand the "WHY" of things.  From a diesel engine to a refrigerator understanding the basic principles helps sort out the issues faster. I do not replace a specialist mechanic, but knowing how systems interact can help figure out which system to look for the issue.
I have worked on many different types of boats, and have seen many ways of solving the kinds of design problems that come up.  Not tied to a single design philosophy, I can recommend what will work best for you.
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